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Feb 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
. >>a key player in our government's current drone program is this man, john brennan, a senior official at the cia and head of the national counterterrorism center during the bush presidency. reportedly, barack obama considered offering him the top job at the cia in 2008, but public opposition caused brennan to withdraw from consideration. obama kept brennan on as an adviser, and last year, when brennan became the first official to formally acknowledge that the drone program even existed, he again encountered protests. >> how many people are you willing to sacrifice? why are you lying to the american people and not saying how many innocents have been killed? >> thank you ma'am for expressing your views. we will have time for questions following the presentation. >> i speak out on behalf of tariq aziz. a 16-year-old in pakistan who was killed because he wanted to document the drone strikes. >> now, despite brennan's past notoriety, obama officially has nominated him to head the cicia. this time, there's been little criticism of the decision. so, we'll watch brennan's upcoming co
Feb 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
a very tough last few mounts. >> tim brennan of breezy point new york arrived saturday from the game, his ticket a gift from new orleans-based photographer robert. brennan risked his life the night superstorm sandy hit his beach front community. back at breezy point brennan showed tus devastation and explained how when homes started burning, he threw on his wet suit and paddle board today rescue neighbor sgls i told them i was going to go down and search house to house make sure, you know, that's the way the place is. we're neighbors. you always look out for each other. >> robert fogarty snapped this photo for his photo project. tim's message, the reason why we fall is so we can get up again. >> i just want to show tim new orleans, too, because it's like a source of pride and he's obviously has a long road ahead. >> but for now he gets a thrilling break watching the ravens and 49ers battle it out on sunday. theresa garcia cbs news, new orleans. >> 49ers defensive back will spend his off season doing damage control after his home phobic comments at tuesday's media day. after the super
FOX Business
Feb 3, 2013 2:00am EST
49ers and baltimore ravens. or whome foods collectivist. i agree with brennan. some companies should try it and i wouldn't want to work for a company like that. but experimentation is what capitalism is. >> rick why are you against it? >> i will if you tell all of us your salary. >> i can't. in my contract i can't do that. and that's why everyone should have a contract. >> disclosing your stalry and bonus is stupid and it is no body's business. no, no, no. >> steve, i have a tendency to follow rick's line. >> he occasionally gets it right. law of averagings. in termless of releasing salaries and what your boss says about it loses face and that is between you and your boss. if you don't like that company try a competitor. >> rich, some people in congress are pushing an act to make it law. they call it the pay cheng - paycheck fairness. when i see fairness. i run for the hills and check my wallet. >> you should . that's where i really draw a line. if companies want to experiment with different business models and man date that for everybody is totalitarian. >> it may be good experiment but
Feb 3, 2013 8:00am EST
/7 intelligence committee will hold confirmation hearings on john brennan to be the next director of the cia. that begins at 2:30 p.m. and rooms to 16. on friday february /8 former commander in afghanistan retired general mcchrystal will address the aspen institute regarding his memoir and removal by president obama. >> aspen institute is that one dupont circle. that is a rundown for the week of february 420-1/3. you can find more on my thoughts and twitter hash tag y-uppercase-letter down. we'll see you next week oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it
Feb 3, 2013 7:00am PST
commander's palace. >> that's a pretty famous little spot. >> that's a famous spot. the brennan family, they're still my family and i just fell in love with the city and the people and the food, of course. >> reporter: sam and i were beat from a long day of travel, so emeril gave us a lift to cafe du monde to grab some coffee and beignets, and along the way he showed us his new orleans. shockingly there was a lot of talk of food. >> this place is pretty famous for muffalettas. the place we just passed is famous for cheeseburgers. people take food here so seriously. they're eating lunch and talking about where they're going to have dinner. >> reporter: and, of course, we can't forget this. ♪ >> this spot right here is tons of music like you just heard, kermit. tons of music will be happening there. ♪ >> reporter: and with the whole city decked for both the super bowl and the annual bacchanal of mardi gras, the streets are packed. >> emeril. >> reporter: but enough about that, i had other priorities. >> the recipe for what else, coffee and beignets. established in 1862. 151 ye
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)